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THC Level: 3000mg
30 x 100mg = 3000mg per Package
Brand : Euphoria Extractions

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Brand: Euphoria Extractions

Available in: Indica and Sativa

30 x 100mg = 3000mg per box

Euphoria Extractions Shatter Chews are carefully crafted to provide a delightful edible experience. With 30 chews per box, these gummies offer convenience and contain a potent 3000mg of lab-tested Full Spectrum Extract sourced from premium cannabis. Euphoria Shatter Chews are designed to deliver guaranteed satisfaction.

For experienced users only. Each piece can be divided into four servings, with no more than 1/4 recommended for consumption at a time. It is important to wait at least 1 hour to assess the effects.

WARNING: Contains Cannabis. Keep out of reach of children and pets.