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Easily one of the most popular strains available, Chemdawg is a hybrid flower that is well known for its distinct gas-like or diesel aroma. This West Coast classic is constantly sought out for it’s extreme potency – Chemdawg’s strength alone indefinitely secures its place in the cannabis history books. The demand for this dank strain is constantly outweighing the supply, making it a truly coveted strain. The lack of availability of this strain only boosts its reputation as a rare and heavily longed-for flower.

3.5 GRAMS $32
7 GRAMS $60
14 GRAMS $100
28 GRAMS $180


Chemdawg is a renowned hybrid strain that is widely sought after for its potency and unique diesel-like aroma. Boasting an average THC content of 22-27%, this West Coast classic is renowned for its intense and long lasting cerebral high that transitions into a full-bodied relaxation. Its parentage is unknown, but it is believed to be the ancestor of famous strains such as Sour Diesel and OG Kush.

Chemdawg buds are cone-shaped, tight and dense, featuring a forest green hue and a thick blanket of white trichomes. Upon opening the bag, its pungent, diesel-like aroma is sure to fill an entire room in seconds. The smoke is smooth and flavoursome, featuring a pungent, diesel taste complemented by earthy undertones.

Due to its potency and long-lasting effects, Chemdawg is ideal for treating stress, depression, general aches and pains, and insomnia. Be warned however, its extreme aroma and powerful effects make it a rare and highly coveted strain.

Indica vs Sativa

Indica and sativa are the two main types of cannabis, and each one has its own unique effects. Indica strains generally produce a body high, while sativa strains tend to produce a head high. Indica plants are typically shorter and bushier, with longer and thinner leaves, while sativa plants are taller and slimmer, with shorter and wider leaves. Hybrid strains are created by cross-breeding both indica and sativa to create a new strain with the best of both worlds.