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Cake Crasher


What do you get when you combine the two immensely popular strains of Wedding Cake with Wedding Crasher? You getCake Crasher!This hybrid strain will have you craving for seconds with its hazy effects and irresistibly fruity taste.

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Cake Crasher Strain - Craft Cannabis Party Favorite

Introducing Cake Crasher, the party-ready strain that is sure to get the celebration started! Bred from the popular Wedding Cake and Wedding Crasher strains, this hybrid has a potent, tasty and hazy profile that is truly one of a kind. Fruity and earthy with gassy undertones, this craft cannabis strain is a must-have for all of your special occasions.

Aroma and Flavor

Cake Crasher has a juicy, gassy and pungent aroma that is further enhanced by sweet and cake-like undertones. On the inhale, you can expect a fruity taste with subtle diesel notes. On the exhale, users will experience the tangy limonene, gassy caryophyllene and floral linalool that make this strain so special.


This unique strain has a fluffy yet chunky appearance with olive-green leaves and purple hues that give it a regal look. The buds taper into a cone-like shape, making Cake Crasher a truly one-of-a-kind strain.

Cake Crasher Effects

The effects of Cake Crasher begin with an uplifting and invigorating cerebral pressure that transitions into a deeply relaxing and sedative body high. Novice users should be cautious, as this strain can be too powerful in higher doses. Medically, this strain is most commonly used to treat insomnia, nausea and poor appetite. It can also be used to treat migraines and pain.


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