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Blonde Butterscotch Hash


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Blonde Butterscotch Hash – Get High Like Nothing Else

Experience the sweet and dessert-like taste and aroma of Blonde Butterscotch Hash for a truly unique and enjoyable cannabis experience. Pressed with full-bud Blonde Butterscotch bud, this hash offers an aroma of sweet caramelly butterscotch and the pungent, dank smell of quality kush. Each container has 1 gram of Hash, making it the perfect size for sampling or to share with friends.

What is Hash?

Hash, also known as hashish, is a cannabis concentrate product made by collecting and concentrating the trichomes (kief) directly from the cannabis flower. When these trichomes are collected, they’re compressed with heat and pressure into different forms such as balls or cakes, resulting in textures that are either solid or paste-like. This concentrate offers a much higher potency than regular cannabis flower, with an average potency of 60-75% THC!

Where Does Hash Come From?

Hash originally came from India, when cannabis cultivators, in the process of treating and processing cannabis plants, would take a dull knife or even their fingers to scrape off the kief that has collected in the palm of their hands and compressing it into hash. Today, cannabis extraction technology has evolved to better extract, capture, and concentrate kief to produce superior hash products like Pakistani Hash, Lebanese Hash and bubble hash.

How to Enjoy Hash

Smoking hash is easy, and it can be done in a variety of ways. The simplest method is to breaking off and smoking a piece of hash in your bong or pipe.