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Ayahuasca Purple

A super rare strain, the Ayahuasca Purple is a true aesthetic beauty and powerful creation from masterful breeders atBarney’s Farm! Its inception started with a gift of Red River Delta seeds that were crossbred with theMaster Kushstrain. Coming together, they create this gorgeous indica hybrid called the Ayahuasca Purple.

Bud Size Medium
Grade AAA+
Lineage Master Kush x Red River Delta
Effects Hungry, Happy, Sleepy, Relaxed & Giggly
Classification Indica-dominant Hybrid
Terpene Profile Nutty, Earthy, Sweet & Fruity

Ayahuasca Purple - A Rare Blend of Exotic Fruits, Nuts and Florals

A rare strain from the masterful breeders at Barney’s Farm, Ayahuasca Purple is a true aesthetic beauty and powerful creation! It is a crossbreed of the Red River Delta and Master Kush strains, and is named after its gorgeous deep colouring and also its namesake Amazonian psychedelic brew. With its average THC levels at 21% and 2% CBD, it will deliver a powerful and pleasurable experience. Its unique blend of tropical fruity flavours, such as sweet and sour mango and papaya, will transport you to a world of exotic pleasure!


The Ayahuasca Purple offers a true psychedelic experience with its potent cerebral and full body effects. It will fill you with a euphoric head high and mental uplift, as well as a tingling body buzz that will wash you with physical relaxation. This strain is best known for its happiness inducing properties, making it an excellent choice for stress relief, anxiety relief, depression relief, ADD/ADHD relief, and insomnia relief. Get ready to relax and maximize your evening with this powerful indica strain!

THC Content

This strain is an indica dominant hybrid, with a ratio of 70% indica to 30% sativa. It averages 21% THC content and 2% CBD content, making it a great choice for those seeking the benefits of CBD as most strains carry only trace amounts of